Notary Bond

The Notary Bond provides protection to any individual who may be harmed as a result of a breach of duty by said notary acting in his/her official capacity as Notary Public. The bond is designed to solve issues through a risk management method. The people who need documents notarized will be better protected against errors from that notary, including fraud and unethical services. In the event of a notarial error, the bond would come into play, allowing the victim of that error to file for reparation. Several states require a Notary Bond in order to be licensed to conduct business as a Notary Public. The amount of bond and the term options will vary from state to state.

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The Notary Bond is offered in the following states:

Alabama | $25,000.00
Florida | $7,500.00
Kansas | $7,500.00
Pennsylvania | $10,000.00

$25,000.00 Alabama Notary Bond
$7,500.00 Florida Notary Bond
$7,500.00 Kansas Notary Bond
$10,000.00 Pennsylvania Notary Bond