Pawnbroker Bond

Pawnbroker bond guarantees compliance with law and regulations governing the operation of pawnbrokers business in the state in which the pawnbroker operates. A pawn broker essentially offers their customers high interest, short-term loans with items of personal property used as collateral. The surety bond guarantees that the pawn broker will not sell the personal item before the end of the contractual period, that they will honor the sell back price and interest cost agreed upon, and that they will not charge more interest than statutorily allowed.

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The Pawnbroker Bond is offered in the following states:

California | $20,000.00
District of Columbia | $5,000.00
Florida | $10,000.00
Indiana | $50,000.00
Louisiana | $50,000.00
Mississippi | $10,000.00
North Carolina | $5,000.00
New Jersey | $1,000.00
New York | $10,000.00
Ohio | $25,000.00
Oklahoma | $5,000.00
Oregon | $25,000.00
Pennsylvania | $2,000.00
South Carolina | $5,000.00
Virginia | $25,000.00
Washington | $5,000.00

$20,000.00 California Pawnbroker Bond
$5,000.00 District of Columbia Pawnbroker Bond
$10,000.00 Florida Pawnbroker Bond
$50,000.00 Indiana Pawnbroker Bond
$50,000.00 Louisiana Pawnbroker Bond
$10,000.00 Mississippi Pawnbroker Bond
$5,000.00 North Carolina Pawnbroker Bond
$1,000.00 New Jersey Pawnbroker Bond
$10,000.00 New York Pawnbroker Bond
$25,000.00 Ohio Pawnbroker Bond
$5,000.00 Oklahoma Pawnbroker Bond
$25,000.00 Oregon Pawnbroker Bond
$2,000.00 Pennsylvania Pawnbroker Bond
$5,000.00 South Carolina Pawnbroker Bond
$25,000.00 Virginia Pawnbroker Bond
$5,000.00 Washington Pawnbroker Bond