Florida Telemarketer

The Florida Telemarketer is a $50,000.00 bond. This bond is available in 1 year term.

The Telemarketer Bond is required to operate as a telephone solicitor or telemarketer. This surety bond protects consumers from negligence, violations and other fraudulent telemarketing practices.

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Who needs the Telemarketer Bond?

In the State of Florida, Telemarketers are required to obtain a $50,000 Telemarketing Bond to be in compliance with Sections 501.601-501.626 of the Florida Statutes. Any person(s) who practices any form of soliciting over the phone such as the selling of products, goods or services or advertising will need this surety bond.

What is the Telemarketer Bond?

The Telemarketer Bond assures that telemarketers, or phone solicitors, comply with federal and state regulations governing this industry. The surety bond requires non-exempt businesses that engage in the sale of consumer goods or services by telephone to be licensed and post a Telemarketing License Surety Bond. We can help you here!

What else do I need besides the bond?

An application filed pursuant to s 501.605 must be accompanied by:

(a) A bond executed by a corporate surety approved by the department and licensed to do business in this state;

(b) An irrevocable letter of credit issued for the benefit of the applicant by a bank whose deposits are insured by an agency of the Federal Government; or

(c) A certificate of deposit in a financial institution insured by an agency of the Federal Government, which may be withdrawn only on the order of the department, except that the interest may accrue to the applicant.

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