Termite and Rodent Control Bond

Pest control service means any person who, for compensation, gives advice or engages in work to prevent, control, or repel anthropods, mammals, birds, reptiles or wood-damaging or wood-destroying organisms that may invade or infest homes, other buildings, or similar structures and shall include anthropods, mammals, birds, reptiles, weeds, and plant diseases that may invade, infest, or infect shade trees, shrubs, lawns, turf, and pecan groves. This term shall also include any person who issues letters of clearance, or who shall solicit such work in any manner, but the term shall not be construed to include agricultural crops from planting to harvest other than those mentioned above.

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Termite and Rodent Control
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The Termite and Rodent Control Bond is offered in the following states:

Arkansas | $100,000.00

$100,000.00 Arkansas Termite and Rodent Control Bond