Collection Agency Bond

The Collection Agency Bond protects the debtors and indicates that the company has been approved by the state to offer ethical and professional services. This bond also gives the client a plan of action should the collection agency do anything illegal or unethical that affects that client in a negative way. If the claim is determined to be valid, the surety must pay reparation up the bond's full amount. The surety will then require reimbursement from the collection agency.

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The Collection Agency Bond is offered in the following states:

Arkansas | $10,000.00
Maine | $25,000.00
North Carolina | $75,000.00
Tennessee | $25,000.00
Texas | $10,000.00
Wisconsin | $25,000.00

$10,000.00 Arkansas Collection Agency Bond
$25,000.00 Maine Collection Agency Bond
$75,000.00 North Carolina Collection Agency Bond
$25,000.00 Tennessee Collection Agency Bond
$10,000.00 Texas Collection Agency Bond
$25,000.00 Wisconsin Collection Agency Bond